Furry Friends PROMISE

Furry Friends was established in 2012 out of love and passion for animals. We are a local family owned and operated company with 2 locations. Furry Friends promise is to provide quality care for your beloved pet. 

Our Promise:

We Do Not Use Hot Clippers

We Do Not Use Heated Cage Dryers

We Do Not Put Leashes, Collars, Leads, or Nooses Around The Neck

We Do Not Use Sedatives

All Grooms Are Recorded For Quality Assurance Purposes

The Comfort Of Your Beloved Pet Is Our #1 Priority!


Cherish has been in the grooming industry for over 10+ years and wouldnt do anything else because it's her passion. Furry Friends was opened in 2012 strictly based on her passion and love for ALL animals. "I will ensure that we provide the highest quality of care for you and your beloved pet" Cherish also loves to hike, fish, camp, swim, and have fun with her son and husband.


Mercedes has chosen to work with animals because she wanted to do something that she loves. Animals to her have always been more than pets and they're a part of our families. Working with them and having them come home to you looking their best is what she loves. In her free time you can find Mercedes cooking a new recipe, reading a good book or just hanging out with her own 4 furry friends.


I'm Alyssa and I'm fun, outgoing, caring and silly. I paint, dance, long board, love volleyball and am learning to play the guitar again! I love a lot of things but the things I love most are animals their what makes the world beautiful. Animals are my everything I would do anything for them because they are the sweetest things they give us that light we all need! If you come to furry friends we will treat your baby the right way and the way you would want to be treated. In my picture is my cat and my everything his name is Nadall and I rescued him from a foreclosed house that the bank kept locking the poor little thing in. This lady left behind over 6 cats so I brought food and water almost every night and now I have my little monkey man that I love more then anything! He helped me through and that's what animals do they bring brightness to this sometimes cruel world.


Dakota has always wanted to work with animals whether that be a veterinarian or a groomer. She has a passion for taking care of dogs and making sure they feel comfortable and in a safe place. Her favorite thing is seeing the owners face after their dog has been to the groomers; the joy, excitement, and happiness. During her free time she enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with those who mean the most to her. She has 2 furry friends at home who mean everything and more to her!